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 Extention of rule 3.

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Extention of rule 3.  Empty
PostSubject: Extention of rule 3.    Extention of rule 3.  Icon_minitimeSat Oct 08, 2011 5:10 am

Please be aware that rule three 'behave nicely to others' has been extended upon.

The new rule now reads:


Some players will choose to role play as 'bad guys' and can do so within the law. However staff will step in when role play becomes obstructive to other players progress, or when it becomes offensive or turns into real life harassment. There for:

Do not use offensive language in public or private channels such as /shout or /ctells.

Cussing in /tells must stop if other person objects. Vulgar, foul, abusive and rude language will not be accepted within our community, neither will sexual innuendos, regardless of who it is directed at or by what means its delivered by (i.e. #shouts, #tells or normal talk).

Harassment of known minors will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. These players are already vulnerable and we wish to provide them a safe environment to enjoy. Anyone caught bullying or harassing a minor will find themselves severely punished and/or banned. Anyone found making sexually inappropriate remarks to a minor will have their IP address sent to their state police force with a transcript of the conversation.

The pentagram quest has a certain etiquette attached to it that you would be advised to follow. Your presence in the quest means that if you don’t pull your weight, others will have to work twice as hard. With this in mind please try to avoid going away from keyboard when in the pentagram quest. We all have times when we have to answer the door or get a phone call and this is fine, but if you know you’re going to be away for long then please recall to the temple. Staff will consider punishing a player for harassment when:
1) Anyone purposefully sits idle in the pentagram quest as a means of annoying other players.
2) Anyone purposefully blocking the route of another player be it in the pentagram quest, the labyrinth or in town quest areas, regardless of method used to do so.
3) Anyone who uses auto walk or goes away from keyboard in areas populated by monsters as a means of fighting and gaining exp without being physically present.

Players can use imaginative ways to harass others that are not covered in this rule, Staff there for retain the right to punish under this rule for violations not covered here as long as Staff can demonstrate that harassment was the sole intention at the time.

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Extention of rule 3.
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