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 Clan evening out system

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Clan evening out system Empty
PostSubject: Clan evening out system   Clan evening out system Icon_minitimeWed Oct 26, 2011 1:10 pm

Personally I dislike that one person can be leader of multiple clans, I feel players and their alts should be limited and loyal to one. I am not naming names here (mostly just because I can't remember or verify it). But more importantly I see many clan leaders who dont want to accept..etc for various reasons. I feel that the number of players or players within a given rank should have the option to be force added to a clan.

If clan 1 has 100 people and clan 2 has 20 and clan 2 doesnt want to hire, it makes things rather unbalanced. Or if both clans 1 and 2 decide not to accept new members this forces the clans to remain off balanced. I feel that a certain set of ranks should come into play as well when deciding which members should be added to what clan.

Say clan 1 no nobles and 100 Sargeant Majors, it should receive a warlord before a clan that has 10 members and 9 of them are warlords. Something like..

< 1SG and below
CPT - LT Col

Could be the range grouping considered when 'auto adding' ot clans and it counts the number of members in that group. Of course if you are already in a clan it could auto assign you to the same clan by comparing your IP to IPs of other members already in the clan. Of course this might have some occasional mis-assignments (like clanning spouses together who wanna kick each others teeth in), but leaders can fix that themselves.

Just a thought.
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Clan evening out system
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