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 How to make and send an ingame snapshot via PM to admin

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PostSubject: How to make and send an ingame snapshot via PM to admin   Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:11 pm

The idiots guide to sending a snapshot to Admin via a PM on the forum. Written by an anonymous staffer Twisted Evil

While in game Pressing Shift+PrtScrn will copy all of your monitors image to clipboard. (Pressing Alt+PrtScrn wil copy active Window to clipboard)

Press Alt+Tab to Minimize Aranock

Open Start -> Run and type in mspaint (Adapt for different OSes) Can also be found under Start->All Programs -> Accesories

Once Paint is open, Select edit -> paste (Or press Ctrl+ v). This should paste the Screen shot into Paint.

Select File -> Save as -> and save the image somewhere. (preferred format is Jpeg but 24 bit BMP will work fine as well

Next open up the Aranock Forum and select MP (Message Portal)

Select new

Select Find a Username

Enter in a few letters of name followed by *

Select search

Find approriate name from drop down list and press select.

This opens up PM.

Select [Host an Image] icon

Select Resize image = No from drop down

Browse for your image.

Select Open

Select Host it

Copy the middle link

Press to close window

Right click (Or Ctrl+v) in the message body the link you just copied

Press Send

Fortes fortuna adiuvat
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How to make and send an ingame snapshot via PM to admin
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