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 Scrolls won at LQ's

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Scrolls won at LQ's Empty
PostSubject: Scrolls won at LQ's   Scrolls won at LQ's Icon_minitimeFri Jan 06, 2012 6:14 pm

If you win a scroll from an an event giving exp, sprite change, name change or any other winnable benefit you should attempt to redeem it with the first Imp or God you see. If you wish, you may store these scrolls for up to one week penalty free, but after a week has expired you must seek the creator of the scroll directly and it is at their discression to decide if you should be rewarded or not. A scroll that is a month or more passed its allocated time will not be honoured and will be classed as void.

Scrolls can be bought, traded given to alts or sold the same as any other commodity, but it is not the responsibility of admin to check if a scroll is within its redemption date before you buy it and players wishing to obtain one via this method must accept that risk.

Admin will begin to enforce this policy from 9/1/12. If you have an old scroll you wish to redeem before then I suggest you talk to a God ingame to negotiate redemption.

NOTE: If you intend to trade an item the best way to do it quickly and efficiently is to place it up for auction in the new ingame market, and then advertise its posting in the market section of this forum. A potential buyer can then be informed it is up for sale and then subsequently buy it from you without you ever being ingame.

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Scrolls won at LQ's
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