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 misleading title

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PostSubject: misleading title   Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:15 am

I would just like to say...


I finally got my first 'arched' character in v2. I have been playing since lost mercs so it might sound surprising to alot of you.. but yes this is my first legit arched character.

So.. I went warrior on my merc, was one of my dreams theres just something about having a red cape that pulled me in and I thought to myself, "I wonder how I get access to all these cool skills everyones always talking about." So I ask our humble god, Lordlava for some tips.

Needless to say we have a nice chat about all the new areas that I have never experienced before and what not and we come to the conclusion that I acquire swimming.

I then set out on my journey; I got to the port of aranock the smell of salt water fills the air, the sea breeze makes my cape flap in the wind... blah blah blah.

I go down a suspicious looking hole and find myself at THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN!... the atmosphere is fantastic! Im slowly drowning, theres sea grloms everywhere going dusra gah blub! I damn near pissed myself from laughter! hahaha I absolutely love this.

I then finish up the quest, finding all these hidden paths and what not until I find the sea shell. I then go to the strange forest. LL told me that the barbarian mountain is in there somewhere so I go looking I go to the northwest corner and I find it, but I was warned that I could die so I continue looking. Then I go to the NE corner and discover the smugglers swamp!.. I say to myself "oooooooooooO! what could this be?" I decide to click on the water not knowing how to get there and to my amazment and joy I can walk on water ("Omg im a jebus fish").

I go through slowly drowning again but nothing I cant handle, I kill the grolms and there handlers. Im looking around and its amazing! this place is so well hidden yet so beautiful. Then... I make a dark discovery.

The old post, aranocks oldest surviving outpost is in ruins.... and they need my help. "Fear not, for I shall rebuild your outpost and quell the beasts that knock on your door."

I contine through the outpost coming out the otherside with a sense of pride and duty about myself only too run into a group of horrors, bhutas and ghasts. They fall quickly to my blade. I discover some ruined houses and I rush back to town to tell them that people might still be alive, a man in the outpost gives me a hammer and says "Please, repair our homes." I give him a slight nod as I leave his little hut.

I walk out of town once again hammer in hand as I slay ghasts and ghouls who try to stop me. I repair the first house and realize to myself that this area, this quest. Is unlike anything I have ever experienced before, Im enjoying it so much I thought I just had to share it with everyone on the forum.

I want to personally say that you did an outstanding job with this area, that goes for anyone who had a hand in making it. Im enjoying every second of it.

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misleading title
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