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 Clans and Founders

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Clans and Founders Empty
PostSubject: Clans and Founders   Clans and Founders Icon_minitimeFri Jan 18, 2013 5:51 am

The person who starts a clan is the Founder and they are automatically a leader of the clan.
The one attribute of a Founder is that the can not be fired from the clan. That is their only special attribute.

All the other powers of a leader are held equally by every leader of the clan.
The power to promote/demote.
The power to hire/fire.
The power to buy clan stuff.
The power to clan build.

A clan does not need a founder to survive.

Strictly speaking it does not need a leader either but without a leader it will eventually fail as new member can not join.

As a general rule, admin should not intervene in clan founder issues and should not change or make founders for clans. It is not needed and a clan will naturally lose its founder over time and with age. Even if this has possibly happened in the past I do not see the need to do it going forward.

A clan without a leader will eventually die. Is this a normal part of evolution or a waste of time and peoples resources. If a clan is leaderless and all the clan members agree to elect a new leader then we could consider that (possibly).
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Clans and Founders
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