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 Necropolis Strategy

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PostSubject: Necropolis Strategy   Thu Feb 07, 2013 10:09 am

Hello folks,

I am planning on attempting to go necro with my warrior (Cross). I currently have maxed all of the important stuff like str/agi/sword/spells/mana/heal, etc. I'm just finishing off maxing immunity and hp and then I'm going to attempt it. I've heard it's really tough, particularly for warriors, so I was just hoping to get some tips/tricks/advice from you guys on how to complete it.

I've talked to a few people in game already but thought I'd see if anyone had anything to add here. I'm assuming as a warrior I shouldn't even bother attempting to curse anything in there? Also, I heard Bokuru had some trouble in a room that spawns undead, something like he couldn't kill them fast enough or something. Any advice on that?

Thanks in advance for any help Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Necropolis Strategy   Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:58 pm

I dont think youll have a problem in the undead room, but i did have to kill about 7 before i made it to the door lol. The best thing i could tell you would be to make sure you get the hara to attack you in the doorway of the AH/AT room. Its easy enough if you go on slow,walk into the door and immediately click to walk out, you should get cursed, but when you walk back in the AH will be standing there waiting and the AT will be behind him. Other than that, just outlast all the mana users and its a win. Smile GL!
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PostSubject: Re: Necropolis Strategy   Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:53 am

I would say don't forget a lot of money for shrine donations and buying armies etc. Also don't forget to check graves for any helpful items. Make good use of the rest spots if you don't want to waste money. Anything other then that n all I can say is good luck!
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PostSubject: Re: Necropolis Strategy   Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:19 pm

you can buy armies!?!
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PostSubject: Re: Necropolis Strategy   

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Necropolis Strategy
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