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 Windowed Mode

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PostSubject: Windowed Mode   Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:46 am

I saw someone asking about it and did a quick google and came up with a nice page listing four programs.

-w / -windows in the target doesn't work for MOA so ..

DXwnd - Worked like a beauty. It says it couldnt allocate enough memory and performance would suffer greatly, however as long as I maintained an 800x600 it ran just fine.

You might also need admin rights / XP mode (on D3D and/or the game itself) to get it to run properly.

D3Dwindower - Couldnt get this thing to work.. no idea how everyone else does.

These may or may not be of use to some people. *Note I havnt tested the links but I have heard of all but Glide these and they do work usually with some fiddling.

3DAnalyzer - did not work for me.
DX Open GL Wrapper - did not work for me.
Glide Wrapper - did not work for me.
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Windowed Mode
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