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 Guide Professions

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PostSubject: Guide Professions   Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:33 am

Im not sure if you have a min req needed to actually harvest an item so I may need to correct this later or update it. PM me as needed.

A guide for raising a harvester / craftsman. It is HIGHLY recommended you get 150 mod barter and 200 mod profession. This gives you the lowest buy prices, full sell price (same as buy) and 100% chance when making an item. Failing to make an item gives no exp and more importantly no profession level. There are 30 sub levels per level.   (Level / Sub). Need 150 successes per 5 levels.

As a rule of thumb most things take 5 minutes to respawn and come in sets of 5. You'll get roughly 1 item per minute. Needing 150 for 5 levels. This means 2.5 hours for 5 levels if it needs one item. Realistically with talking, looting graves, combining in inventory and walking around..human error..etc. It will take closer to 5.0H. For things that require 2 items youre looking at closer to 10 hours +/- for 5 profession levels. This is slightly over stated but a good rule of thumb to use.

Blacksmith is the ultimate goal of most of the professions. It is essentially SSed armor, however it can be done to wands, shields..etc too that can't normally be SSed by other means. The + on the items is based off of your mod Blacksmith. This means you will want to hit 255 as your ultimate goal when Blacksmithing items at the highest levels.

The seyan is the best blacksmith with the necro very close behind.

The math behind blacksmith:


Even on dpot that puts most classes just over 200 mod BS. Of course this does not account for +BIA SSed gear, winged boots or other items.

As you can see, even a seyan with max stats, on a sorc's bless with 255 mod will not reach 255 BS undrugged. Most items when made will require dozens of them to be made back to back as of the randomness of the stats.. thus I would get used to having pots handy if you plan on being a BS. Class matters.



Harvester: I recommend this if you are only going to do one profession or as a first profession. People that have crafting / BS are not going to want to collect the materials to make your gear. If you have a choice I would save sorc/AH for BS and crafter as they are likely to get 200 mod profession easier and you don't want to fail on the 2nd and 3rd tier items in my opinion.

After doing a lot of number crunching. I believe the ideal way using no more than 1 type of each class is to have a Sorc harvester, an AH crafter, a seyan Blacksmith.

I find it easiest to keep things in their natural groups of 5 or 6, then add those into the 'main pile' of 20 so I dont miss one not paying attention, especially on wolves and lizards.

When at the merchants I find it quick if you have a full inventory. This means you do not have to pickup the scroll you buy to use it. Simply scroll > profession > add to stack. With 200 mod you know you will not fail so you can do this semi quickly without waiting to see if there is something to add to the stack.

Mines: There is a decent chance of huge gems / plat in there.

Harvester Only #1:

Harvester Only #2:

0 to 5:

5 - 10:

10 - 15:

15 - 20:

20 - 25:

25 - 30:

30 - 35:

35 - 40:

40 - 45:


Shields make for easy blacksmithing items, but are a nightmare for the crafter side. Thus I recommend staves. Once you start focusing on your BS you'll find it easy to get all three types of wood in an almost continuous run that will shoot your BS through the roof. The second half of this involves running up and down witch tower all day long to go with the wood.

Im too lazy to input the exact amounts of each item. If someone wants to do the math on it all I'll plug it in.

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PostSubject: Re: Guide Professions   Sat Dec 21, 2013 1:06 pm

Now its found, I couldnt find that via search or google site: search the other day. Thats why I had to make my own lmao. Nice one
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Guide Professions
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