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 Create a wiki?

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PostSubject: Create a wiki?   Wed May 14, 2014 5:13 pm


As you may know me, I'm a fairly long term player (although pales in comparison to some of you), I've become a little frustrated as of late with forgetting parts of the game as I come and go.

My view on gaming is that trial and error is terrible game design, and this game is has a lot of it. (Not blaming the creators nor any builders, this is an old game based upon old game design)

This would be somewhat mitigated by the presence of a wiki. Knowledge of the game prevents 'mistakes'. Now I know that there's still quite a bit of information for V2 and such out there but a lot of it is missing, highly cryptic or just simply not able to be used because Aranock has evolved quite a distance away from original V2.

I would simply create it myself but I am far from suitable for such a thing as I do not have the income to sustain it, nor knowledge to impart to it.

A centralised hub of information would possibly help potential new players as well.

If such a thing was created, I could attempt to create the basis and the basics and can write up articles based on what the older players tell me, but apart from that...
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Create a wiki?
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