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 Shadow of Peace

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PostSubject: Shadow of Peace   Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:13 am

1. When did they start threatening to 'turn my companions into frogs'

2. What did the shadow of peace do to me exactly that was 'surely nothing good'? o.0

3. Im amused that the SOP gets 150/243 even with my triple curse on them lmao. Except for rest and regen of course. No rest of the weary. No wonder its like stabbing a stone pillar.

Maybe we could put random pieces of a giant puzzle all over the game. Each boss holds a piece of it. Could be a sword or a ring or an orb that grows in size.

Could be one on a baron ice garg, shiva, gorn and kiwi leaders, a mine 2 golem, mine 3 garg knight (trying to think of if there are any other garg knights even in the game), maybe one a random drop in earl ice pents, another random drop in UW top 5.

Maybe one in the end of the castle quests, another hidden in PP somewhere, one that wanders around UW quest, one on the farm in a random flower..etc.

Who knows what it makes or gives in the end and all that jazz. Would give people a reason to explore the world twice over though. Nothing too OPed, yet at the same time for something of that quality itd have to be a pretty nice piece. Perhaps a special coin piece to give you a choice of the prison armor you wanted or cave ammy or divine armor or something. Maybe a scroll for a custom tag. Who knows. Someone else can figure it out. Im not even sure how I arrived at this. Infact, I'm not even sure why I was hunting SOP in the first place.
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Shadow of Peace
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