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 Third Champion's Quest

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PostSubject: Third Champion's Quest   Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:03 am

The 3rd Champion's Quest will be opening this weekend.
It will run for just over 2 months.

This one will be fast and furious.

Description: Fastest to start of Lab 8 (completed lab 7).
Kindred: Best per kindred (eg Champ per Templar, Harakim etc)
No restrictions on spells or items (so it should be very fast)
Min lab completed: 7
Min pent: 0
Min gold: 0
Min castle: 0
Min end points: 0
Deaths/saves allowed: No - death is terminal and an automatic fail

You are not allowed to use stat/hp/end/mana/exp scrolls - automatic disqualification.

Times will not be shown on the website until after the quest has closed.
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Posts : 3955
Join date : 2009-08-23
Location : The Land Down Under

PostSubject: Re: Third Champion's Quest   Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:40 am

To enter, create a new character and touch the champions portal in the training ground.

Your character must have a proper name, not a default one.

In game time is the key - fast wins.  So do not temple sit.
Also you may enter as many times on as many different characters and races as you like.

You can give and receive items and spells on this version.

Just do NOT use stat/hp/end/mana/experience scrolls.

The reward for the fastest of each Kindred is the Champions Weapon and the tag and the name on the website.

Type /champion to see the champion weapon stats.
Note you will have the choice of which you want - it is not based on your current race.

See the website for the final conditions and to monitor progress.
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Third Champion's Quest
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