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 Add to not take away!

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PostSubject: Add to not take away!   Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:26 am

AH abilities were lowered. Fighters can't do squat in AT. Now you kill 15 Barbarians just to find out you have to wait 360 minutes till chest resets. Here"s a thought - do something that makes this game more fun to play instead of fixing things things that don't need fixing.
Professions would be a good place to start. Make smithed armor non degradable. It's not like you would be pumping out +16 anything on a regular basis but it would make it worth the effort it takes to mine, craft and smith the pieces that "might" come out valuable. As it is wands, shields and staffs are the only useful things a smith does and you don't even need a crafter for 2 of those.
I am pretty sure somebody will have lots of "good" reasons why not to do that so I guess the next thing will be to put G king and D king eyes on a 6 hour timer or something else that adds to the pleasure of playing.
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PostSubject: Re: Add to not take away!   Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:50 am

ok, ok, good insight. now tell us how you really feel.
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PostSubject: Re: Add to not take away!   Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:56 am

This is exactly my fear with these types of changes. And here is exactly a way to look at it.

Every morning I log in to do my armor chest run. Usually, I will find 6-7 players online. Ever since the gpot change, 3 people. But in reality just me because both cloun and ayumi are 24/7 idle. Can it be that life has started again for others? Maybe... But the day before the announcement was different.

People don't like nerfs. People don't like negative change. The reality is that no one cares about balance. You don't get anything from pvp. This game is 99% of the time a solo game with chat functions. Everyone is able to make every race and partake in the OP of one vs the other. No one cares that gpots are easy to gain or that necros are inbalanced. No one complains (I mean really complain) about it because it doesnt affect them.

Now we see the first post of accumulated discontent. Not the first but actually the first in a while.

Here is the reality. LL has heard and looked at the AT and has put this on his and motoko's agenda. It is progress and it is appreciated. Both are trying to make the game better and for that we should be thankful. The only issue lies in the fact that the direction they choose might not correlate well with the expectations of the playerbase. It wouldn't matter much if this game had players to bleed. But it does not have enough players to bleed some out.

Now we come to the endpoint, what is the middle ground between player expectations and dev desires.

I am sorry you are feeling upset with some of the recent changes, as you have seen, I feel the same way. I hope this isnt a motivator to leave the community.

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PostSubject: Re: Add to not take away!   

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Add to not take away!
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