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 Thou Shalt No Lag

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PostSubject: Thou Shalt No Lag   Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:21 am

The game has a number of player protection mechanisms to save a player who has a poor or intermittent internet connection.

Unfortunately, there has been a growing practice amongst a few players recently who use the lag protections to rort the game, either in combat or to lag out to temple etc to get spells.

There has been little we have been able to do about this, short of a severe punishment and it is difficult to prove beyond reasonable doubt.

Until now ......

Deliberately lagging is not permitted and will now be punished immediately based only on the balance of probabilities level of proof.

The punishment will be loss of lag priviledges. The /lag command will be set to zero and disabled and lag scrolls will no longer work.
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Thou Shalt No Lag
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