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 Return to Aranock

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PostSubject: Return to Aranock   Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:54 am

So around last year, I got back into v2 after a few years of being away. I made a temp, arched, and got to brig before I left again back in October. However, recently my interest in this game had been re-peaked. So, checking to see if my .moa file still worked, I was glad to see it did and I still have my brig arch temp. But, I've seen that there's been quite a few changes. Any chance of some more explanation as to whats changed? Is there a new way to regen mana (rather than mana pot farming) for temps? (I always thought temps should just get 1 inherent med that can't be raised...wouldn't really be much of a problem O.o ) What's the Hall of Mirrors and Ghosts Haven? What new quests are available and where are they/what do they give? Whats the new town and where is it? What about shield/staves/wands stats? Whats in this New Mine?

I'm just looking for any information that can help an old v2 veteran. =D
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PostSubject: Re: Return to Aranock   Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:39 am

New areas include :
Ghosts Heaven
Skele Heavon
Redback's Lair
Lancelot Village
Lancelot cave
Holding Cells
Prison cells
Smuggler's Lair
Smuggler's Swamp
Out post
Hall of Mirrors
Prospect Peak
Harvest Areas
Witches Tower
Flower Farm
Seasoned Woods
Alladin's Cave
Training ground

New skills include
Staff (includes base med for Temps)

New professions include
and all the growing list of items and potions that come with these

Seasons include

Facilities include
Updated client
Switch command
Trading post
Ignorelight command
Soulbound items
2,000+ new sprites
Prison armour
Luck poles

Not sure if I have forgotten anything
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PostSubject: Re: Return to Aranock   Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:00 am

Hall of Mirrors is where you get to fight a mirror of yourself with the same equipment and spells. If you use a gpot, so will the mirror. It should be a hard fight and you get exp reward for how many levels you complete. It is located in the Ruins which is in the NW part of strange forest across the water and past Smuggler's Out Post.

The Ghost's Heaven is in the SW part of Aranock town and is next to Redback's Lair. There are spiders first then ghosts and skeletons to fight. There are many to kill and quite a few chests in there to collect along with a pole at the end.

The New Town is acessed after completing a quest where you have to collect the three key parts to get into it. It is where you can learn a new proffesion and new skills of staff, shield and wand. The new mines are in the harvest area accessed from here and they contain harvest materials aswell as huge gems, pieces of gold and platinum.
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PostSubject: Re: Return to Aranock   

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Return to Aranock
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