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 False claims or manipulated evidence

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False claims or manipulated evidence Empty
PostSubject: False claims or manipulated evidence   False claims or manipulated evidence Icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 5:08 pm

We encourage everyone to make a complaint where it is just to do so, we have strong ways of investigating the validity of the claim and if your account is truthful and laws have been broken then action will be taken against those involved regardless of who they are.

However this thread is to warn against the small minority of would- be trouble causers who try and use our regulatory system as a weapon against others

1) Making a false claim about another player with the intent of trying to get them in trouble with the admin team is a serious offense. Every claim takes time and resources for us to investigate and staff will not be happy if you send them on a wild goose chase and are encouraged to punish you accordingly.

2) A claim of misconduct against a staff member is of high importance. Its investigation takes precedent over everything else we are working on as we cannot allow an unsuitable member on our team who might discredit our efforts through their actions and will evidentially be detrimental to Aranock's good name. There for a complaint against an admin takes considerably more time and resources to investigate than it would a normal player. It is for this reason and this reason alone that a false claim made against an admin will attract a greater punishment and would potentially warrant an immediate ban. A lighter punishment for first time offenders may be given where staff see fit to do so.

3) Manipulating or tampering with the evidence used in a complaint in order to try and ensure a conviction (screenshots, statements etc) is despicable, it can at best tie us up in knots and at its worst could cause us to wrongfully punish an innocent player. If we punish an innorcent then that does detrimental damage to our communities faith in us and may cause the victim to leave. There for anyone caught tampering with evidence or manipulating it to suit their purposes is guilty of the most serious of the above offenses and anyone who does this will have their main character(s) deleted without warning and/or a lengthy playing ban.

When you make a false claim or tamper with evidence you are not only offending against the target player, but your offending against our admin team as you are attempting to manipulate them and use them to do your 'dirty work'. If found out you can expect to warrant serious punishment and we retain the right to name and shame you to set an example!

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False claims or manipulated evidence
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