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 More profit for all?

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More profit for all? Empty
PostSubject: More profit for all?   More profit for all? Icon_minitimeFri May 18, 2012 4:20 pm

I thought after looking at trade, it might be worth while to sort of 'chain trade' in a sense. Every once in awhile a smaller player comes across an item and either cant sell it for what its worth or doesnt know it. I thought it might be worth while to compile a list of the most popular tradeables and what they are worth @ base price and a recommended selling price to make them move.

Example: With max barter an rpot is worth 500g. Most larger players use gpots or better so they dont usually want to buy them. Most smaller players have max barter and just sell them to Damor for 500g. If a noob gets some from redback or U1..etc. and needs the money for gear, instead of selling it to damor for 30g or however much it is and then him selling it for 500g.. putting it on trade for 400g or 450g. Thus the noob makes a better profit and a vet can turn around and shop sell it for a reasonable amount?

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More profit for all?
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