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 Selling/trading SS stuff

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Selling/trading SS stuff Empty
PostSubject: Selling/trading SS stuff   Selling/trading SS stuff Icon_minitimeThu Nov 21, 2013 9:20 am

Got following stuff:

Sleeves 9 bless 1 ms 1 comp
Sleeves 4 resist 3 bless 3 prot 2 wand
Sleeves 10 blast 2 resist 1 curse
Sleeves 13 blast2
Leggs 12 blast2

Sleeves 13 bless
Sleeves 13 ew
Sleeves 12 resist 2 poison

Leggs 9 bless 3 resist 1gc
Leggs 12 blast2 1 stealth

All perfect condition

Im looking for EW stuff for my warrior so max 12 ew
You can offer something else too Smile
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Selling/trading SS stuff
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