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 Byuing Items

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PostSubject: Byuing Items   Byuing Items Icon_minitimeSun Feb 02, 2014 10:50 pm

Buying a range of items:


Stat Scrolls - (S/A/W/I/B) = 25k

Stat scrolls - (HP/Mana/End) = 8k

Rainbow Belts = Price Varies (trade in gold or items)

Dpots = 10k

Smarties/Spam/Cheese/Superior Spells Potion = 8k

Platinum = 3k per 100 (1plat:30g)

Wands +10 or more stun/res/curse2/bless = 30k and up

Shields +10 or more stun/curse2/bless = 30k and up

Emmy pieces +10 or more Curse 2/stun/stealth = 15k and up

Gold pieces +8 or more Res/Stealth = 10k and up

Steal pieces +9 or more Res/Stealth = 15k and up


Divine armor = Trade for 25 Stat Scrolls, 10 Dpots, 300k gold and 5 Skua Sets.

Tit Purple Sword = Gold/Stat scrolls/Skua scrolls/Platinum/Dpots (negotiable)

Ice pieces = Gold/Stat scrolls/Skua scrolls/Platinum/Dpots (negotiable)

Any other unique item I will be up for negotiations (note: no weapons unless titanium)

Note all of the above are negotiable for trade by items if preferred over cash. For example I have some quite nice shields/ss/dpots/skua scrolls/stat scrolls/etc

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PostSubject: Say Cheese!   Byuing Items Icon_minitimeSat Feb 08, 2014 12:15 pm

I think i have 5 cheeses, but GL on that Purp sword i'm already trying to work that bad boy off the owner
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Byuing Items
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