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 Champion of Champions Quest

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PostSubject: Champion of Champions Quest   Champion of Champions Quest Icon_minitimeSat Jan 31, 2015 4:17 am

Champion of Champions.
The title of Champion and a Champion Weapon worthy of a Champion will be awarded to the top player in each race who can achieve the objectives in the shortest time (online).
The character must be registered to be able to enter (see start portal below).
At the completion (see end portal below) the system will record your stats. When the quest ends (see end date below), the player or kindred who has achieved all the objectives (see objectives below) for the quest in the shortest time online will become the Champion or Champion of the kindred, be awarded the Champion title and given the Champion Weapon of their choice.
The objectives can be varied between quests (by the quest master).
There are no restrictions on how many times you can enter a particular quest.
The progressive times and stats are shown on the website and will be maintained after the quests are closed.
The champions are only announced after the quest is closed and all the requirements checked.
Players are encouraged to try and beat their own best time, even if they are not competitive with the power players.
At the end of a set period (say a month), the top in each race will be given the choice of a Champion of Champions' weapon, which will be better than the best weapon available for each type (dagger, sword, 2h, axe, staff, wand or seyan sword).
There is not a necromancer sword at this stage.
Champion weapons will be soul bound and hence not transferable.
At the end of the quest period, the full list on the website be sorted and the champions announced.

Some quests may have restrictions (see restrictions below) while others may be completely open.
There are be no restrictions on teaming up (other than the normal grouping rules), so the times may be fast.
Once the objectives have been satisfied, players should either touch the end portal (to lock their stats) or log off that char and do not log back on again until the quest is over, in which case the game will automatically lock their stats.

There are a series of parameters that can be selected for a quest. The current setting requires that all the parameters must all be met in the shortest period online.
Parameters include:
Kindred - Best per Kin or just the best player.
Restricted - If turned on then no-one else can give you any friendly spells, you will not be able to pick up any items off the ground, no-one can give you anything and you can not loot and graves of other players or NPCs that have looted another grave. Note the consequences of this if you die and either your grave is looted or someone else gets your grave for you.
Purple - If turned on then effectively the Purple flag is set and Player Killing (PK) is activated. This PK is not like clan or arena deaths. Your character will have a real death and you will appear in the temple with nothing. The killer may be able to loot your grave (this needs to be tested fully).
Minimum lab - This lab must be completed.
Minimum pentagram - This pent or higher must have been touched.
Minimum gold - The character must that at least this amount of gold, either on them or in the bank at the end of the quest.
Minimum castle quest - This quest must be completed.
Maximum start points - The player must be at this points or below to commence the quest.
Minimum end points - The player must have greater than or equal to these points at the end of the quest.
No deaths/saves - If turned on then the player is not allowed to have any deaths or saves to complete the quest.

The Champion or Champions get:
- Tagged with the Champion name on their character.
- Listed on the website as a Champion for that quest.
- Given a Champion Weapon of their choice. See /champion for the attributes.

Lost weapons
If a Champion loses their weapon, for any reason, then the weapon will not be replaced.

It is known that there are still many bugs in this game that can be exploited and many actions that are against the rules. If any player deliberately exploits a bug or breaks any of the rules to help, assist or in any way improve a character in the Champion Quest then they will either be automatically or manually tagged with a Cheat flag. The Cheat flag will automatically disqualify the character (and all their alts and any other player who has shared alts with the cheat) from this quest and any other champion quest ever run in the future. This includes but not restricted to lagging out to avoid death or to save time.

No transfer of titles or prizes
The champion prizes are not transferrable to alts.

Experience and stat scrolls.
A champion quest player can not use experience scrolls or stat scrolls or be given experience by an imp/god in an online quest.
If they do then they will be automatically disqualified from the quest. Note that Guardian Angel scrolls from Damors are considered to be a stat scroll.

Friendly spells include Bless, Protect, Enhance, Magic Shield, Heal, Identify.
No gives means that another player can not give you any item, even if the item originally belonged to you.
No pickups means that you can not pick up any item that was put on the ground, even if you put it there yourself. This does not stop you picking up game items like flowers or chests.
No stat scrolls include Str/Agi/Bra/Wil/Int scrolls and also GA scrolls.
No experience scrolls can include luck scrolls that happen to give experience. Note that exploration poles that give either experience or luck are ok.
No raise points means that imps/gods should not give you any experience as part of a monster lotto, live quest or kill fest etc. Luck can be given as a reward. It is not up to the imp/god to know that you are in a quest as there is no easy way for them to tell. The responsibility for this lies with the player.
No looting of others graves is set to stop a champion getting items that they are not entitled to on their own. Note: The player can not effectively do a Grave Retrieval for another player.
No looting of NPC graves if they looted or were given items is set to stop a champion getting items that they are not entitled to on their own. Note: This means that if an NPC loots your grave after you have died then there is no way to get your looted items back. Another player can help you get back to your grave but they can not do a Grave Retrieval for you as they can not give your items back to you.
Caution on death and NPC looting or /allow. See the consequences above.
No items are allowed in a Restricted game. Any items on a player or in the bank or on the trading post will be auto deleted. Any gold on a player or in the bank will be auto deleted above 40g.

The Aranock website will show the details of any quests, whether open or previously closed. Check this to see what the objectives of a quest are and when it auto closes. The website will also show all the players competing in the quest and what their stats are.

Start portal
The quest will commence as soon as the start portal is touched. The player must have selected a valid name before commencing the quest. Initially the start portal will be in the Training Ground for new players.

End portal
The quest will automatically end when either the player touches the end portal or the end date is passed. The champions will not be calculated or announced until the quest automatically closes after the end date. Once a player has completed all the requirements for the quest they should touch the end portal to freeze their stats. Once having touched the end portal, further online play will not affect the recorded stats. Note that if you have not completed all the requirements and you touch the end portal, there is no way to undo this.

Start time
Recorded when the player touches the start portal.
End time
Recorded either when the player touches the end portal or when the quest end date is reached.
The player must have selected a valid name before touching the start portal.

/champion shows the stats for the champion weapons.
/champquest shows a list of all the champion quests, the number of players and the date the quest was/will be completed. Note that a game ends around mid night US EST time on the end date unless changed/closed manually by a god.
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Champion of Champions Quest
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