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 Roll backs and server crashes

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Roll backs and server crashes Empty
PostSubject: Roll backs and server crashes   Roll backs and server crashes Icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2016 7:12 am

This is a controversial topic and it has generated a fair share of rage recently. I have no doubt that it will again in the future.

Hence I will try a set out expectations going forward so that we all know what to expect and will not feel misled.

As a general rule, we do not and will not be attempting to give "compensation" if the server happens to crash or if there needs to be a roll back to a previous backup because of a more serious issue with data corruption.

For serious events where a roll back occurs, imps may try to arrange a few entertainment events and LQs to assist but wholesale recovery of lost experience and items is too difficult to administer, too prone to exploitation and leads to disputes about how much should be compensated.

The object is to keep the server stable and a great deal of effort has gone into adding checks and balances into the code but given the history of its development (starting as a student project) there will be thousands of possible coding errors that can cause a crash or two.

It does not happen often. Accept it as a risk of using a free server and lets move on.


We are willing, of course, to offer partial and prorata cash refunds to everyone who donated using the PayPal button. Jesting, of course, on this last point as we do not have a PayPal button, in case anyone takes offence.
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Roll backs and server crashes
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