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 Constructive compulsion suggestions

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Constructive compulsion suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Constructive compulsion suggestions   Constructive compulsion suggestions Icon_minitimeMon Feb 29, 2016 10:39 pm

I just pented my AH for the first time since the compulsion change.  There's no arguing that comp was hit pretty hard with the nerf bat when it was reduced down to 3 maximum.  I don't necessarily think 3 is the right number, the army of gargs were neat but tough to keep up with as far as maximizing hit/kill exp goes.  Since the maximum number of minions were reduced so drastically, why not consider buffing the time allowed with each minion?  30 minutes is a bit tedious to keep track of and I think an hour or perhaps no time limit would be a nice upgrade.  Maybe there are some other ideas such as making the NPCS 5% stronger when they are under compulsion as opposed to when the NPC is not under compulsion?  This would allow the compulsions to be a little bit stronger to compensate for no longer having the ability to have an army.

If these suggestions are out of the questions, what about increasing to 4 or maybe 5 maximum?  When I was penting my Lt Gen AH, I went to the MaGen area to grab 3 of them, I also continually spelled them and healed when between pents.  I then went down to the Brig General area to pent.  When the solves came, my gargs would be surrounded by the other gargs and take very significant damage when the solves came and they were surrounded.  Even with my heals and B2's I still lost a garg from time to time.  I believe 4 would help keep the gargs from taking quite so much damage on solves and 5 would solve this issue all together.  

If we could increase the maximum to 5 and the time limit to an hour, compulsion would be ideal in my opinion.

I also read the problem Amanar had with having to run Prison w/o comp due to accidentally going over the max. Can we make them have the same "abandoned" feature that undead companions have where if they are out of sight for X minutes they disappear?
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Constructive compulsion suggestions
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