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 Champ 5 quest questions?

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Champ 5 quest questions? Empty
PostSubject: Champ 5 quest questions?   Champ 5 quest questions? Icon_minitimeSun May 15, 2016 9:58 am

Don't you think it's BS to remove the visibility of times partway through the quest, regardless if they were suppose to be visible from the beginning or not?

Kinda makes it unfair to those that have already finished and have had their times posted public for a week, don't you think?

While I'm at it, I feel that the rules for the Champ Quest should be a little more visible than they currently are.

Reason being: I was told, by both admin & non admin, Champ Quest is a "race". A "race" to whatever the quest may be, "fastest" of each kin is rewarded. I mistranslated that to "if you ain't first you're last" to find out it's based off in game time instead of actual time, of course, after I "finished" and hung out in town/lab 13 trying to find out how to complete the quest.

That is all, thank you for reading my rant.
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Champ 5 quest questions?
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