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 Lagging from Death

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Lagging from Death Empty
PostSubject: Lagging from Death   Lagging from Death Icon_minitimeSun Jan 09, 2011 2:46 am

Quote from the rules.
Quote :
Do not lag out of death, pvp and clan fights or intentionally cause lag. Lagging out of an area to get spelled up is illegal, as is lagging out of any of the labs. We can tell when a player has lagged out from a connection failure and when they have purposely caused the game to crash to avoid a death in the game. Lagging out of the game under any circumstances is illegal. There is no reason to risk being punished for it. The excuse "I couldn't be bothered to walk to the tavern" is not acceptable, there are recall scrolls and a recall spell. Use them! Use of game lag to avoid being hit by NPCs or players is also misuse of the /lag command

Closing the game to avoid a death is also considered to be illegal.

There has been a spate of events recently where players lag out of the game to avoid death or just to go back to the temple/clan hall. These are a pain to prove "beyond reasonable doubt".

The current policy has been to rely on the "balance of probabilities" level of proof and apply the NOLAG punishment for a week for the 1st offence. +2 weeks for the 2nd offence, +3 weeks for the 3rd offence.

If you are so slow a learner that after 3 punishments you can not learn, then the next stage is the deletion of a random skill.
There will be no more further warnings. The 4th offence (still based on the balance of probabilities) will be the deletion of a random skill.

I know you will rant and rave and say this is unfair you had a bad connection, the world is conspiring against you etc etc. That is why so many "chances" are given. Please do not lag out and the issue will not arise.

I have been accepting screen shots as balance of probability proof or if staffers see it. Screenshots must be current (within about 24 hours) to be accepted.

WARNING - If you doctor the screen shot evidence or submit some old screen shot and I find out I will delete your character out of rage (and probably regret it later). Don't do it and so avoid this conflict. Submitting false evidence it very serious.
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Lagging from Death
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