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 How To Mod Your Spell Names *TUTORIAL*

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PostSubject: How To Mod Your Spell Names *TUTORIAL*   Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:18 pm

This is a simple tut on modding your spell names that appear on bottom right hand side.
Things Your going to need:

HxD :

Firstly open your Moa in HxD :

Looks confusing but its pretty basic. You'll now want to find the Text which says the diffrent spells, I've put a box around this for your. Now you can Edit the text, But make sure you type over the letters NEVER Press backspace as this will change the file size and most likely Corrupt the Moa..

When Your done it Should look something like this:

Now Your done just Save your changes, Also to note HxD automatically makes a backup of anything you edit in it so if u muck something up just remove the .bak and your moa should be fine.

Also sorry the pics are half cut out couldent be bothered to Resize.

Thank me if i helped!
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How To Mod Your Spell Names *TUTORIAL*
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