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 Clan Warfare - Rules of engagement

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Clan Warfare - Rules of engagement Empty
PostSubject: Clan Warfare - Rules of engagement   Clan Warfare - Rules of engagement Icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 12:08 am

Clans and clan warfare are an integral part of Aranock.
Clans can mean cooperation and sharing between members or players can focus on PvP or it can be a game of deception and subterfuge.

There is a huge scope of styles of play and few restrictions or guidelines.

However, there are still a few boundaries that you need to observe. To ensure that these are clear I will reinterate them below.

Healing and spelling
Anyone can spell or heal a clan player who is not involved in combat.
Skua players can not spell or heal a clan player involved in combat.
Clan players in a safe zone can not heal or spell another clan player who is involved in combat.

Baiting is (unfortunately) part of PvP and trying to gode your opponent into combat is legal.
However, there is a blurred line between legitimate baiting and verbal abuse and that line is being crossed too often lately.
If you are asked to stop by the recipient, or some other player getting tired of it, or an admin, then you have probably crossed the line.
Try to think of other players having to listen to you, or alternatively take it to tells. The recipient then has the option of using /ignore.
Admin do not like having to get involved in over inflated egos and chest beating incidents.

Theft and espionage and intelligience
Clan members are expected to be loyal to their clan, but this is not a rule of the game.
A clan member can be a thief or a spy and assist themselves or others with inside information. Expect to be fired by the leader and publicly denounced "if you are caught".
Skua players can not get involved in actual clan combat but they can provide intelligience (via shouts or tells) to clan members.

Normal game rules apply
You can not double log to spell yourself.

You can not "perma-lag" or cause lag to disrupt the fight.
You can not lag out to avoid death.
Note that staff now have a /nolag command that will be used to punish serial laggers. Given that it is difficult to prove, the burden of proof will fall on the offender to demonstrate that the lagging is a system issue and not abuse. Nolag turns off the /lag command and stops lag and teleport scrolls from working.

Admin - rules of engagement
Admin are not permitted to be clan members on their staffer character. This is because staff can tell where players are at any point of time.
Admin are not permitted to tell other players where a clan player is.
Admin are not permitted to find where a clan member is and then log into their clan alt.
Admin are not permitted to advise anyone of who a player's alts are, as they may also be involved in clan espionage.
Admin are not permitted to advise who took what from a clan hall [unless it was to do with bug abuse or admin abuse, in which case all hell will break loose].

I hope this helps to clarify any confusion that may have been arising.

Note Skua players = normal players who are neither clan members or joined the Purple One.

This topic is about the rules, not for complaints or reporting of incidents.
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Clan Warfare - Rules of engagement
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